Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

International Custom Built Homes, Inc. BBB Business Review

Ron and Marilyn D.

“Dear Joe,

We spent three years searching for just the right spot for our retirement home. We visited many builders before we decided that International was the best choice to help us complete our dream home. We mention this, because the choice was exceedingly important and not to be made without research and many considerations. You built a home for us in 1984, and the company that would build our new home would have to meet and if possible exceed these standards. It was a bit like coming home, and a pleasure to see so many familiar faces still hard at work. We knew what to expect in many instances, but we had a great deal to learn about new materials and products and we were astounded by the sheer number of choices that we had to make. We were very pleased to see the many new changes in the company, especially the division of responsibilities that reflected the growth of the business, and to meet the new personnel.

We appreciate the long hours spent in the planning stages of designing ideas and dreams into a workable plan . A special thank you to you, Joe, for the advice and direction, and to Louis Szilvagyi for his architectural expertise, especially the roof design which is so pleasing to the form, beauty, and style of the house, It is the reason that no matter what angle we view our home, we find it artistically pleasing. Thank you both for your patience and guidance through these initial steps.

There are so many people who deserve recognition for the outstanding work that they did. One common theme we witnessed is that all the people worked hard, all knew what they were doing, had the latest tools to do an expert job, and had pride in the work that they were doing. To see the growth of a home day-by-day is an awesome experience. As we look back over our notes, we can visualize each step again. We appreciate the very personal care that you and all your staff dedicated to building our home.

We have lived in our home for seven months. We have received many compliments on the design, the quality of workmanship and building materials employed by International.

We are very appreciative of the advice you gave us on this project. If we had to do this all over again, we would build the same design with International.

We have enclosed some pictures that might help a future homeowner. You may use us as a reference and we invite you to bring clients to see our homes.

We are pleased that you shared this wonderful experience with us!!! THANK YOU ALL.

Ron and Marilyn D.”

The Reinaldos

Dear Mr. Iudicello,

We can hardly believe that it has been almost 1 year since we moved into our new home. This is our long overdue THANK YOU for building us our wonderful house. This was one of the most exciting adventures we have ever had, watching our dream house go from paper to foundation and into a home. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your company. Everyone has been so polite and helpful to us through this process. All of your contractors and subcontractors were very competent and perfectionist. We checked up on them all through the process and were so pleased with the time they took to get the job done right the first time and they didn’t even seem to mind our intrusion. This house is so well built we are also sending you a list of our Gas and Electric bills because you won’t believe how reasonable they are. It costs us less to heat and Air Condition this house than our old house 1/2 the size.

Please express our THANKS to the whole crew Jerry, Joe, Jim, John) Pat, Rocky, Scott, Ed, and all the others that contributed to building our dream home.

When we first got our contract to build and went to our Lawyer and Banker they both remarked that were starting right by picking one of the most reputable and honest builders in the Lehigh Valley and after going through this whole process we agree completely.

Sincere Testimonial,
Marty, Carmen, Mario and Stefanie M.

Sharon and Andy K.


You run a top notch operation and have great people working for you, from your regular employees to your subcontractors.

Thanks to you and your team, our dream is now a reality!

Sharon and Andy K.”

Nancy M.

“Dear Joe,

I baked the chocolate cake as a thank you for building our beautiful home! Of course, it will take a little while for the decorating and landscaping to be completed, but it feels like home and we will enjoy it for many years.

Please share the cake with all the great subcontractors who worked on it. And a special thank you to Jim and Patty in the office.


Nancy M.”